Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hi everybody,

What’s up dude? I hope everyone have a wonderful life with friends and family. Orait lets back to business, this time I would like to talk about the originality of Arowana Fish since we have a situation nowadays, the people is in doubt in classifying the true originality of Arowana Fish. Thanks GOD, Alhamdulillah... this week with GOD's permission, I found what I'm looking for quite so long ago. Guess what dude? Hahahaha.. After a very hard work and searching all around... at last I've succeed in looking the rare species of Arowana called "Malaysian Golden Arowana Type F0"... don't startle and make a look like that...still don't believe me? hahahah... I'm speechless… I will not succeed without GOD's will and not only one but 4 numbers of this type of Arowana Fish now under my custody. The average size for 3 Arowana MG Type F0 is about 8 inch and another one is quite big around 14~15 inch in size.

What a wonderful feeling to have this gift from GOD, the Almighty. It's too beautiful and I feel honored to be trustee by GOD to have these species. I know many people out there are looking this species but without successful and frustrated... Chill out guys...  It's all about time and opportunity indeed and definitely with GOD's will. Let me share my case... I'm the one who aggressively looking this species so long without knowing my neighbour just beside from my house at my hometown also do the same as well. It is all happened when I came back to hometown and got bumped with him and just to know that we have same interest in common. Starting from there, we have collaborated and eventually walla... we have achieved our hope and dream... This rare species has been founded at Sungai kerian (beriyai) where this river is just nearby from my hometown.

Let me share a few photos to fulfill your curiosity. This rare species have special characteristic to indicate the originality of highest grade among the Arowana Kingdom which you won't see other species of Arowana have. Enjoy Guys !!!

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